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NUVA COLORS. The Palette of Inspiration for True PMU Artists!

Introducing the New Line of Professional Pigments for PMU, NUVA COLORS!

If you’re a PMU artist in search of high-quality and completely safe pigments for permanent makeup, be sure to try NUVA COLORS. The rich range of these professional pigments will open up limitless possibilities for you, delighting your clients with stunning results after healing.

A Collage of Colors. From Subtle Elegance to Bold Styles.

NUVA COLORS is characterized by a rich color palette that caters to the creative needs of every PMU artist. Whether you’re aiming for subtle, natural effects or more daring, bold styles, with over 80 colors available in the NUVA line, you’re sure to find your favorite shades.

Precision and control. Pigments designed for layering for personalized effects.

Many PMU artists dream of having full control over the intensity and depth of the applied colors. The pigments from the NUVA line have been developed to provide you with the ability to work in layers, allowing for the creation of personalized shades and seamless color blending. This results in stunning and unique effects, regardless of the client’s skin type. Let your imagination soar and experiment with NUVA pigments, perfecting all your pigmentation techniques.

New dimensions of color. Dedicated sets to spark inspiring creations.

Each area of pigmentation requires an individual approach. That’s why NUVA COLORS offers dedicated sets for lip pigmentation, eyebrow pigmentation, eyelid pigmentation, areola pigmentation, scar pigmentation, and scalp pigmentation. These sets are designed to eliminate the challenges associated with choosing colors that meet the specific needs of your clients.

Safety and quality. Pigments that meet REACH requirements.

Trying NUVA pigments will successfully end your long search for a high-quality product that also complies with the European Union’s REACH requirements.

We proudly inform you that all NUVA COLORS pigments available in our store comply with REACH regulations. You can be confident that they meet the highest safety standards, providing you with peace of mind and assurance in your daily work.


Nuva Pigments REACH compliant

Join the PMU Experts who fell in love with NUVA!

With NUVA pigments, you can create beauty in every shade! Unleash your creativity, experiment with the colors available in our palette, and bring your artistic visions to life.

Authentic results of pigmentation using NUVA pigments can be seen on our Facebook and Instagram, where PMU experts share the outcomes of their work.

Join our community to seek inspiration and share your creations with us. We feature selected posts with the hashtag #kwadronpmu in our Stories every day.


Pigmentations (above) done by Marta Ziolkowska-Serafin, Marta Kot-Pakulska and Lucie Schreiber. Click on individual works to find out which NUVA colors our experts used in their works.

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