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We have an incredible promotion for you, where you can enhance your skills and gain valuable insights about our bestselling Optima cartridges. Now, when you purchase any 40 Optima needles from our online store, you will receive a free exclusive training conducted by Kwadron PMU’s Head Trainer, Marta Ziolkowska-Serafin.

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Are you ready to take your PMU skills to the next level? Get our exclusive online training, where we go beyond the basics and dive deep into the world of PMU cartridge needles. Get ready to unlock your full potential and master the art of pigmentation like never before! 

Why Embrace Diverse Cartridges? 

While the Round Liner (RL) needle remains a popular choice among PMU artists, our Expert Instructor, Marta Ziolkowska-Serafin, will show you why exploring a variety of cartridge types and sizes can truly elevate your skills and revolutionize your pigmentation techniques. Understanding the impact of different cartridges is the key to achieving unique and outstanding results that set you apart from the rest. 

Expand Your Knowledge, Level Up Your Skills! 

In this comprehensive course, we will go through the versatility of cartridges such as the Round Liner (RL), Round Shader (RS), Magnum (MG), Flat (FL), and Slope (CF). Each type offers its own set of advantages and has a significant impact on your artistic abilities. By incorporating different cartridge types and sizes into your work, you’ll broaden your skill set, expedite the pigmentation process, and tackle a wide range of styles. From precise contouring to seamless gradations and natural three-dimensional effects, having a diverse toolkit will empower you to deliver exceptional results. 

Szkolenie Optima

Discover Your Unique Style with Optima – Professional PMU Cartridges! 

Remember, practice makes progress! Embracing new, professional tools will not only elevate your pigmentation journey but also set you apart as an artist. Stay ahead of the game by learning from industry experts and joining a global community of artists who are embracing the benefits of diverse cartridge options. Unleash your creativity and unlock a world of possibilities with Optima professional PMU cartridges.