Balsam Pretty Me Up

Pretty Me Up Balm – a must-have for successful and impressive permanent makeup.

Are you looking for a product that will professionally take care of your client’s skin outside the studio? The Pretty Me Up Premium Lip Balm will gladly come to your aid! Not only does it professionally prepare the skin for the procedure, but it also facilitates optimal healing to ensure the best results of your pigmentation work.

Why is skin preparation before the procedure so important?

There are many factors that affect the success of pigmentation. One of them is proper preparation of the client’s skin, and it’s best if this process begins several days before the procedure. This whole process, although incredibly important, takes place outside of your studio. That’s why it’s important to recommend appropriate skincare products to your clients as early as at the time of scheduling the appointment.

Knowing what impact the condition of the client’s skin has on the procedure, we have developed a unique balm that is another product in our Pretty Me Up (PMU.) cosmetics series. The PMU.balm takes care of optimal moisturization, elasticity, and protection of the epidermis. Its valuable ingredients, such as coconut oil, mango butter, and vitamin E, prevent dryness and cracking of the skin, while also strengthening the skin to reduce the risk of swelling and redness during the procedure itself.

Applying the PMU.balm two weeks before the planned procedure will ensure that the condition of the skin intended for pigmentation is optimal, and you won’t have to worry about rescheduling the appointment.

Balsam Pretty Me Up

Safe post-treatment care: How to use Pretty Me Up balm?

The PMU.balm is the perfect continuation of professional care outside your studio.

This versatile product effectively regenerates irritated skin so that both you and your client can be confident that the healing process will proceed correctly, and the pigment will last in the skin for as long as possible.

Just like with other post-pigmentation skincare products, it’s important to provide your client with the correct instructions for using the balm at home. For the lips, it’s recommended to apply the PMU.balm as soon as the skin starts to flake or crack, regardless of how many days have passed since the procedure.

The PMU.balm offers comprehensive care and can be used on areas other than the lips, with the exception of eyelids. For eyebrows, it’s important to recommend using the PMU.balm no earlier than the fourth day after the procedure. PMU experts suggest keeping the eyebrows clean and ensuring thorough drying during the first three days after the pigmentation procedure.

Application of PrettyMeUp balm

Comprehensive care outside the studio encapsulated in one professional cosmetic.

The balm’s versatility and easy application make Pretty Me Up Balm a fantastic option that we highly recommend to your clients. Its handy packaging and rich formulation will attract the attention of clients and become a favourite product in their cosmetic bags!

With the PMU.balm, you can have a real impact on the condition of your client’s skin both before the planned procedure and during the healing process after the pigmentation. Your client’s skin will be moisturized, nourished, and beautiful, and your work will impress even longer.

Remember that professional care before and after the procedure is the key to success. Recommend using Pretty Me Up balm to your clients and they will surely be delighted with the results!

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