Sona PMU Machine by Glovcon

Achieve Perfectly Balanced Results with Glovcon Sona Machine

Lightness and precision.

If you are a PMU artist looking for a machine that is both lightweight, slender, and precise, it’s worth taking a look at the Glovcon Sona machine from Kwadron. This wired device, which is the lightest and slimmest in the Glovcon family, is an excellent choice for creating natural shading and powdering and is also ideal for longer pigmention sessions.

Comfortable work.

Sona is great for long treatment sessions. Its lightness and excellent balance make it not overly tiring on the hand. This gives you the ability to plan longer sessions with clients without the risk of excessive fatigue. Moreover, thanks to its perfect balance and almost imperceptible vibrations, Sona guarantees stable and precise work.

Sona PMU Machine by Glovcon

Not just for experienced PMU artists.

This ultra-light machine is not intended only for experienced PMU artists! It will also be appreciated by novice artists, especially those who have previously worked with handles designed for acupuncture.

Subtle, natural-looking effects.

Sona is like a wand for PMU artists! It’s a machine that’s perfect for creating subtle shading and powdering effects that help enhance your clients’ natural beauty! Its lightweight construction, combined with innovative technology and ergonomic, modern design, makes Sona suitable for working on any area of the skin, including SMP.

See how our Ambassadors work with the Sona machine (click on the photo to go to the Instagram post):

Excellent investment.

The Glovcon Sona machine is indispensable for PMU artists who are looking for a lightweight and reliable machine that allows for the creation of natural and soft effects. It is an excellent investment for any PMU artist who wants to improve their skills and create unique, subtle works.

Available in two color versions: pink and gold, as well as in a set with a power supply.

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