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What is the SMP procedure? Find out what is causing its growing popularity.

Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP), is a non-surgical procedure for both men and women. Micropigmentation makes it possible to achieve the effect of hair that is shaved close to the scalp. It also allows you to optically thicken longer hair on the scalp, restore lost hairline, and camouflage scars. The SMP method is also used to map or thicken facial hair. 

What results can the client expect? 

The SMP procedure involves inserting a pigment under the skin using a needle to visually restore a single hair follicle. Since the pigments used in SMP procedures are Carbon Blackbased, they are excreted from the body over time. Thanks to the 3D pigmentation technique, the healed result is very realistic and tailored to the individual preferences of a client.

The micropigmentation effect lasts up to 5, 7, or 10 years. It is recommended to refresh colour every 1.5 to 3 years. The frequency of colour refresh, as well as the length of time the effect lasts, is determined by the client’s lifestyle and the type of his scalp. Although SMP treatment cannot stop hair loss, it can help effectively camouflage its effects. 

SMP metamorfoza 2. Efekt przed
BEFORE SMP procedure
SMP Metamorfoza 2. Efekt PO
AFTER SMP procedure

What’s driving the growing popularity of SMP? 

SMP is a very popular method in the United States, Canada, North America, and Asia. In Europe, the popularity of this procedure is still growing, and the number of people opting for SMP is increasing day by day. There are many products and procedures on the market that can help fight baldness or thinning hair. SMP is also one such solution. It can be performed as a sole treatment or a treatment that supports alternative methods used in the fight against baldness and thinning hair. Recently, there has been an increasing number of women who are opting for the SMP procedure. The reason is visible thinning on the scalp or a receding hairline, often resulting from bad updos, hair extensions, or improper coloring. 

Factors determining the success of the treatment. 

Before choosing a studio where the procedure will be performed, it is important to make sure that the specialist has undergone proper training, and has relevant and vast experience in dealing with various cases of excessive hair loss. Equally important is the quality of the equipment used for the procedure and the needles used to implement the pigment into the epidermis.

Personally, I have tested many tattoo and permanent makeup machines and currently, my favorite one is the Glovcon Iris PMU machine by Kwadron. The machine is wireless, which allows unrestricted hand movement which might be otherwise limited by a constantly rotating cable, such as an RCA. Its balance point is located at the base of the handle, which intuitively guides your hand to position the device at a 90-degree angle to the pigmentation area. These features make the machine ideal for very long pigmentation sessions. Iris makes pigmentation less time-consuming and simply more pleasant. 

Glovcon Iris PMU machine
Glovcon Iris PMU machine.

Why is SMP worthwhile?  

Excessive hair loss is an affliction affecting more and more people. SMP treatment is not just about camouflaging baldness and creating the illusion of natural hair follicles. The purpose of this treatment is first and foremost to improve our client’s living comfort and self-esteem.  

SMP metamorfoza 1. Efekt PRZED
BEFORE SMP procedure
SMP metamorfoza 1. Efekt PO
AFTER SMP procedure

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