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Kwadron PMU Optima Plus – our ambassadors’ opinions

Our newest Kwadron PMU Optima Plus Cartridges are receiving great feedback from PMU Artists.

'The needles are magnificent!'

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What absolutely delighted me about the new cartridges is, first of all, the exceptional precision and stabilization of the needle, allowing for an incredibly even line, but also detail. Thanks to the innovative technology, the needle does not deform during work and does not become blunt, which translates into the final result. A huge advantage is the laborsaving, minimally invasive and non-traumatising effect on the skin. The new solution allows us greater freedom to work in different techniques. The work becomes more intuitive and the results are created predictably rather than by chance. For me as a pmu artist, the most important thing is the detail and that the tools I work with are stable, of high quality, safe, but above all giving me the opportunity to plan, to create in an individual way. What is important is what trace is left in the skin not only after the service, but also after healing. From now on, we can not only observe the detail immediately after, but it is fixed after healing.
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The needles are magnificent! They give me more security when working.
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I had the opportunity to be one of the first to try the new Kwadron PMU Optima Plus needles. I tested them on the Diamond lips treatment and on the powder brows. The new Optima Plus 1RL needles are made with 6+1 technology, which enables greater stabilization of the needle during the pigmentation process. 6 stabilizing needles protect the guide needle from deformation. When I was working with the new needles, I noticed greater precision and control during pigmentation, a greater flow of pigment into the skin without the effect of spilling. I did the pigmentation faster than usual, and much more precisely. Thanks again, Kwadron for the great needles and for making my work easier and faster. I will continue to use them in future works.

'Greater Precision with every move of the needle'

Cartridge Kwadron PMU Optima Plus
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Amazing results after one week! We are so very honored and excited to be chosen to test and validate the new 6 + 1 technology developed by Kwadron. This new technology is illustrative of a very stable needle with greater precision and allows for a shorter duration to complete the procedure. Very stable — the 6 plus one technology ensures better stability of the needle and brings crisp results. Greater Precision – With every move of the needle, the precision of the results is visible Faster – it was our experience that the time to complete the procedure was shortened by 20 minutes.
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These needles are INCREDIBLE! The stability and precision is absolutely incredible. It’s like nothing I’ve ever used before! Shading has been quieter and feels more gentle on the skin. The visible pixilation is more pronounced which is oh so pretty and I’m able to work through a complete pass without re-dipping because they hold so much pigment. The deposit is so smooth and pigment flow is incredibly even while having a longer needle hand. This is the dream needle we have all been waiting for!
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After using new Optimal Plus in different treatments, I can say that they are now my favorite needles without a doubt. Thanks to its new 6+1 technology, the needle is much more stable, I have noticed less vibration and greater precision in the work, they are ideal for lines and contour as well as for filling. It has a greater load of pigment in the cartridge so you can work longer and a more controlled pigment output, I love this since it allows perfect visibility and greater cleaning while you work. A 10 for the Kwadron Team!

'I did fall in love with the Optima Plus 6+1 needle'

kwadron pmu optima plus
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Kwadron have done it again. With the Optima Plus they have raised the bar when it comes to precision, stability and quality for artists around the world which is why they are always my go to brand. As an artist who is focused on only using the best products, there is only one choice when it comes to cartridges! Thank you!
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Kwadron Optima Plus Cartridges are just great! I liked it from my first work. Very accurate pigment feed, no splashing. Very soft for the skin work. Fast penetration of pigment into the skin from the first passes. This is a completely new experience from the procedure.
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Dear Kwadron, I am so happy that I was chosen to try the #kwadronoptimaplus cardriges. I am just so excited about the 6+1 plus needle. It is very precise, good to hold, much quieter and the pixels are to fall in love with. I will From now on always use the needles because I did fall in love with the Optima Plus 6+1 needle. Thanks for your great invention.

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