Cartridge Kwadron PMU Optima Plus

New Kwadron PMU Optima Plus cartridges

Enter a higher level of pigmentation with Optima Plus Cartridges! 

It has been four years since the launch of Kwadron PMU Optima cartridges. They have revolutionized the PMU industry thanks to the way they have been made – exercising an innovative approach, paying attention to every detail at the production stage and maintaining the highest quality. Throughout this time, we have been constantly collecting your feedback and our design team made it a priority to implement it into a new product that would suit your needs even better. This is how the 6+1Technology was created. 

The new cartridge Kwadon PMU Optima Plus

Your creativity deserves more! 

Our mission is to offer not only safe products of the highest quality, but also those that make the work of PMU artists more effective and creative. For all these years, our designers and engineers wondered what else could be improved in the construction of the cartridge or even a one-point needle. Is there any room for improvement in a high-quality cartridge like our Optima? To answer this question, we took the 1RL needle, which is the most popular needle on the market, we enriched it with 6+1Technology developed by us and the result exceeded our expectations. 

Cartridges Kwadron PMU Optima Plus and Optima

6+1 Technology. Precision that captivates. 

Why Optima Plus cartridges provide a new level of pigmentation? 

Let’s start with the name of the technology itself. The name 6+1Technology characterises the cartridge in a matter-of-fact way. It is not accidental, as it literally translates into how the cartridge was built. In our new version of Optima, the one-point needle 1RL, which is the pigment supplying needle, has been reinforced with six stabilising needles. Hence the name 6+1Technology. 

6+1 Technology

What makes Optima Plus so unique?

Why did we use stabilising needles? The main goal that we wanted to achieve was to increase the quality of your work. That is why we focused on developing a needle that will be precise and maximally efficient. We have therefore implemented a system to reinforce the main needle by stabilising it with six additional support needles. As a result, the needle is not susceptible to any deformation, which directly increases the precision of work and, at the same time, shortens the pigmentation time. 

Optima Plus features a single pigment supplying needle reinforced with as many as six stabilising needles! This is why the 6+1 Technology solution allows the pigment to be transferred onto the needle in a way that prevents from spilling during the pigmentation. Working with the Optima Plus needle makes any pigmentation procedure cleaner and more controlled at every stage. Working with Optima Plus cartridges is easier, cleaner and more precise. 


Effect of new cartridge Kwadron PMU Optima Plus

This is what makes our Optima Plus cartridge made in the 6+1Technology so special: 

  • the unprecedented stabilisation system of the main needle
  • high precision of work
  • no-spill pigmentation
  • cleaner, faster and quieter operation
  • perfect for every pigmentation technique
  • more control during pigmentation

Available in your favorite sizes:  



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