Invitation for PMU Expert seminars in September

Check out our PMU Expert Seminar in September!

In learning new PMU skills, trust the Experts!

Especially for you, we’ve prepared a series of seminars with prominent PMU experts from all over the world! They will share their expert knowledge on interesting topics with you and will be happy to answer your questions.

Join us on 7th September 2022 at our headquarters in Krakow, Poland!

Four experienced speakers = four unique topics!

We are happy to announce that during the September seminar, the four speakers will be Marta Ziolkowska, Agnieszka Golda, Wioletta Kolasa and our special guest, Manuela Maranto, who will join us for an online lecture.

Speakers at the September PMU Expert Seminar


‘Lip pigmentation techniques – everything you need to know’ – MARTA ZIOLKOWSKA
  1. Available methods – original and proven techniques. 
  2. When to choose a given technique and how to apply it –  lip geometry, or the strengths and weaknesses of nature.
  3. How to make a correct preliminary drawing and why it is so important. 
  4. Colorimetry: the art of choosing the right colours.
  5. How to get optimal results – ‘it takes more than one brush to create a masterpiece’ approach to pigmentation. The art of getting the best possible results and satisfaction from each pigmentation.
 ‘Medical and cosmetic micropigmentation’ – AGNIESZKA GOLDA
  1. Cosmetic micropigmentation: discolouration, shape correction, scar correction, reduction and enlargement.
  2. Medical micropigmentation: reconstruction of the nipple-areola complex (complementary and complete) after mastectomy,  working with skin necrosis and skin grafts.
‘Brow pigmentation after laser permanent makeup removal and after the use of chemical remover’  – WIOLETTA KOLASA
  1. How does laser permanent makeup removal affect the condition of the skin?
  2. When it is impossible to carry out pigmentation after laser removal?
  3. How to correctly perform a post-treatment correction?
  4. Should anaesthetics be used?
  5. Will every pigment be removed just as easily?
‘B-Combo Brows. A hybrid microblading & machine powder technique’– MANUELA MARANTO (online presentation)
  1. How to make perfect, long-lasting and natural-looking powder combo brows?
  2. How to choose pigments for this technique?
  3. What cartridges work best in this particular technique?

Event details

Date: 7th September 2022

Place: Kwadron Headquarters, Krakow, POLAND see map

Languages: Polish and English

Detailed schedule will be available here shortly.


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