Three PMU machines by Kwadron

TOP 3 PMU Machines from Kwadron. Which one to choose?

Sona, Inox Lady and PillPen – our PMU machine set for special tasks!

It is impossible to achieve different effects in permanent makeup with only one PMU machine. That is why we present three unique PMU machines by Kwadron, Inox Lady 2, PillPen and Sona. Please read on and learn how to satisfy your creative needs with these three beauties!

Inox Lady 2

The Queen of Powders

This machine, called by PMU artists ”The Queen of Powders”, creates stunning effects both transparent and powdery! While developing this machine, we used a special technology which enables injecting pigment through vibrations. This resulted in achieving a stronger, ideal dispersion effect. With this technology, it is much easier (and quicker!) to create popular powdery effects. Our Inox Lady 2 deals with all powdery techniques royally!


Key features: Powerful engine. Pigment injection by vibration.


Effects: Transparent or powdery. Nice dispersions.

InoxLady PMU machine


The King of Details

After introducing Inox Lady 2, our expert PMU machine for creating unrivalled powders, we wanted to make another one that would deliver precision and detail.

That’s how the PillPen machine, our ”King of Details”, was made. It is perfect for creating very precise work. Thanks to implementing a special vibration suppression system, PillPen is a very stable and, at the same time, very powerful machine. PillPen is just ideal for meticulous work!


Key features: Powerful engine. Ergonomic, stable. Almost imperceptible vibrations.


Effects: Detailed and precise. Contours and lines.

Pillpen PMU machine


The new Kwadron PMU machine!

Sona is just like a wand for PMU! With this machine, you will be able to conjure up very natural and soft effects. It makes your work stable and, at the same time, very easy due to almost imperceptible vibrations. Sona is ultralight and was created as an alternative for PMU artists, who normally use acupuncture machines for pigmentation. With Sona, the pigmentation process is very pleasant and creative.


Key features: Ultralight, stable, imperceptible vibrations. Alternative for artists, who work with acupuncture machines.


Effects: Very natural and soft.

Sona PMU machine

Which one is the most suitable for me?

With our PMU machines you can achieve every effect you can dream of. Each machine is unique and designed for different purposes, which is why it is recommended to own at least two or even three of them. With a bit of practice, however, you can make any of our PMU machines more versatile and create nice lines and contours even with Inox Lady 2! The common feature of these machines is a perfect balance, which influences the work control and improves precision. 

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