Optima needles by Kwadron PMU

Kwadron PMU Optima Cartridges

It takes more than one brush to create a masterpiece!

Kwadron PMU Optima cartridges have been developed especially for ambitious and talented PMU Artists! While developing Optima needles, we used our significant experience in cartridges production to create a product of the best possible quality, dedicated to permanent makeup. Knowing that a real artist does not create their work with just a single brush, we decided to expand our offer to different types and sizes in order to facilitate and improve the work process of the most demanding PMU Artists. Such an extensive set enables the creation of perfect permanent makeup and is suitable for all techniques and styles of work.

We focus on quality and safety.

The idea behind the creation of these unique needles was to satisfy all the needs of the most creative PMU Artists while maintaining the highest quality of the product and guaranteeing the safety of its use.

This is why the Kwadron PMU Optima cartridges have a unique stabilization system for ultra-sharp needles, which ensures their durability and strength. The cartridge casing is made of tough medical plastic. This contributed significantly to a reduction in friction between the needle(s) and the plastic casing, which enables high-quality work. 

The integrated needle system in the tip of a cartridge guarantees the highest safety and hygiene standards. Each Kwadron PMU Optima cartridge is packed in sterile, disposable packaging. Optima cartridges are compatible with many PMU machines including Glovcon  Inox Lady 2, Glovcon  Pill-Pen, Glovcon Sona or Equaliser  Proton MX.

What makes our cartridges stand out?

  • The casing is made of tough medical plastic which does not wear off when the needle moves inside the tip, thanks to which no particles of the material get under the skin and this, in turn, excludes the possibility of inflammation;
  • The protective membrane prevents liquids from getting into the PMU machine and additionally stabilizes the needle which increases the precision of work;
  • Extremely sharp needles ensure perfect precision of work and prevent skin damage, which gives better results during the pigmentation process and after healing;
  • Texturised walls inside the tip make the cartridge perfectly take and distribute the pigment, which contributes to more even work;
  • The tip is individually designed for each size of the needle, allowing it to fit perfectly, thanks to which we gain even, stable and precise work.
Przybliżenie na rozłożony kartridż Kwadron PMU Optima ukazujący igłę i membranę ochronną - na drugim planie kilka rozsypanych kartridży na beżowej wykładzinie

How to choose our cartridges?

There are many types of Optima PMU cartridges that we offer so it is extremely important that you know how to choose between them. The cartridge type is marked both on the box in which a set of cartridges is packed as well as on the packaging of each individual cartridge. 


Features of a given cartridge are marked according to the following pattern:




for example,




where the letters A, B, C, D and E stand for the following features:

A: needle thickness (diameter)

B: number of needles in the tip of any cartridge

C: arrangement of needles 

D: taper (type of needle sharpening)

E: texturing of a needle 

Zbliżenie na zamykanie pudełka kartridży Optima z naklejką przedstawiającą symbole kartridży

What exactly are the features of our cartridges?

A: needle diameter (in this case 0.25 mm)

Kwadron PMU Optima series offers 6 different thicknesses of needles, which gives you the opportunity to best match them to the characteristics of your work. 

Our needles come in the following diameters:

0.18 mm, 0.20 mm, 0.25 mm, 0.30 mm, 0.35 mm, 0.40 mm

B: number of needles placed in the spout of a single cartridge 

In a spout (mouth) of one Optima cartridge, there can be either 1, 3, 4, 5, 7 or 9 single needles! After some practice with different sizes and types of cartridges, we guarantee that any pigmentation will be significantly less time-consuming than procedures done when using single-needle cartridges.

C: needle arrangement

In the PMU Optima series, there are five different types of cartridges due to the way the needles are arranged in them. Incorporating different types of cartridges gives you the opportunity to achieve the intended effects and develop your signature pigmentation techniques. What is more, proper selection of needles and other equipment allows to significantly shorten the pigmentation process.

Our PMU Optima series includes the following cartridges:

Round Liner (RL)

These cartridges are dedicated to creating contours and lines. RL is characterised by extremely precise, stiff and concentrated needle points. They are perfect for creating elaborated details.

Round Shader (RS)

RS differs from RL in a looser arrangement of the needles, which makes it possible to introduce more pigment into the skin. They are great for creating thick contours and bigger fills.

Magnum (MG)

These cartridges have been created for big fills and can also be used, after some practice, for wide and accentuated contours. MGs are characterised by two rows of needles.

Flat (FL)

FLs are quite similar to MGs but the main difference is that they only have one row of needles. This makes the mark they leave on the skin more transpartent. They are ideal for creating gradients and 3D effects.

Slope (CF)

In CFs the needles – which vary in length –  have been arranged in one row in a descenting order. Depending on how the cartridge is being held, you can get both the effect of a compact shadow and points of varying intensity. 

D: Taper 

Taper is a degree and method of sharpening a needle. Kwadron uses many taper types in needles, which allows you to perfectly match the cartridge to the technique, type of work and the condition of the client’s skin.

Kwadron PMU Optima series offers three types of taper:

Long Taper (LT)

This needle is pointed to a length of 7 mm. As a result, the point of the needle is very slim and leaves a precise, clear point on the skin.

Point Taper (PT)

Needle with PT taper is double sharpened. It means that in addition to the usual sharpening, the very tip of the needle was additionally sharpened at a different, more obtuse angle. This kind of sharpening makes the PT needle not as sharp as LT needle. This feature allows the PT to be introduced more smoothly into the skin.

Ultra Short Taper (UT)

This needle is pointed to a length of only 2 mm. Such a short taper leaves a discreet and slightly blurred trace.

E: Texturing (-T)

Needles marked on the package with the letter ‘T’ have texturized surface. It allows more pigment to be introduced into the skin.

Przybliżenie na dziobki dwóch różnych kartridży Optima na czarnym tle

Kwadron PMU Optima cartridges come in the following SIZES:

RLLT – Round Liner Long Taper

18/1RLLT, 20/1RLLT, 20/3RLLT, 25/1RLLT, 25/3RLLT, 25/5RLLT

25/7RLLT, 30/1RLLT, 30/3RLLT, 30/5RLLT, 30/7RLLT, 35/1RLLT

RLPT-T – Round Liner Point Taper Textured


RSLT – Round Shader Long Taper


RSPT – Round Shader Point Taper

30/3RSPT, 30/7RSPT

RSPT-T – Round Shader Point Taper Textured

18/3RSPT-T, 25/3RSPT-T, 30/5RSPT-T

RSUT-T – Round Shader Ultra Short Taper Textured


MGPT – Magnum Point Taper

30/5MGPT, 30/9MGPT

FLPT – Flat Point Taper


CFPT – Slope Point Taper

40/3CFPT, 40/5CFPT